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Welcome to the world of Gregory Green,
the Green Goblin of Toehead

Gregory Green
is a goblin who lives on a little island in the Outer Hebrides. He is a very mischievous little chap who travels around a lot. He is always ending up in trouble because he is so small that nobody ever sees him.

craft studio Aberdeenshire


The Storybook - Volume 1

Volume 1 contains eleven stories of Gregory's adventures featuring all kinds of animals and many different types of fairy... did you know that there are many different kinds of fairy?

The book also contains illustrations by the author. Some are in colour so you will see the beautiful colours of the fairies, but lots are just black & white so you can colour them in yourself after reading the stories.


Read more about Gregory Green

Only read these stories if you truly believe in fairies

These are all the stories in Volume 1


Gregory and the Seaweed
Gregory Goes to Greenloaning
Gregory Meets Wee Henry
Gregory and the Big Nose
Gregory, Wee Henry and the White Christmas Tree
Hamish the Haggis Chases Gregory
Gregory and the Sick Lass
Gregory Goes to See Doris Donkey
Gregory Meets the Rainbow Fairy
Gregory Meets Fairy Autumn's Family - Parts 1 & 2

What you can do now

Please explore Gregory's site, read the first part of the first story in the book and look at the pictures.

If you'd like a copy of the book so you can continue reading all eleven stories and start colouring in the drawings, you can order here

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