About the Author - Joan Fielding

Gregory Green the Green Goblin is Magic

Joan Fielding was born in the North of England and lived in Hampshire and the Lake District before moving to Scotland in 1970 and becoming an adopted Scot.

In Scotland, Joan was able to indulge her passion for animals and pass this love on to her four children who grew up surrounded by the family's pets including donkeys, goats, hens, ducks, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, fish and birds.

Joan has always been creative and loved fantasy. It was on a family holiday to the West Coast of Scotland when, to entertain the children, Gregory Green, the Green Goblin, was created. Since then, Gregory's adventures have grown and developed into stories that have delighted her own children, grandchildren and those of her friends. All of them have waited patiently for these adventures to be published but a busy career took precedence for many years.

Joan retired from her business as a Fully Qualified Podiatrist running a successful clinic with a natural theme. On retirement, she was at last able to pursue her hobbies of knitting design, painting and needlework and, of course, find time to publish the stories of Gregory's adventures.

It has taken over 30 years but now Gregory Green and his adventures are set to delight many more generations to come.

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