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Book - Gregory & Friends Knitwear

Soft toys are suitable for children aged over 36 months. All toys comply with the Toys (Safety) Regulations and are CE marked with safety eyes. Ceramic models are suitable as ornaments for older children and adults.

The Book: "The Magical Adventures of Gregory Green, The Goblin of Toehead"

Copies of this magical 76 page book which helps your children learn about Scotland's history, geography and wildlife whilst enjoying the stories. Suitable for ages 6 months to adult. The book contains:

ELEVEN Gregory Green adventure stories
olour pictures of Gregory and the beautiful fairies
TEN Black & white images ready for children to colour

Books are in limited supply and retail at 4.99 each with FREE postage to mainland UK). We can mail books worldwide so please specify number of books and tell us where in the world you would like them shipped. We will then get back to you with the total price.

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If you would like to obtain copies of the book, email:

Toys of Characters from the Book

knitted fox toy

knitted toy
Freddie Fox is Gregory's friend. So cuddly with fine whiskas
(25 + FREE carriage)
Gregory Himself is a lovely, well made toy showing off his Scottish heritage (25 + FREE carriage)
Gregory's sister, Georgina - a 20" tall rag doll (12.50 + FREE carriage)
Georgina with Bernard & Bertie Badger (Badgers are 10.50 each + FREE carriage)

Wee Henry is Gregory Green's Earth Cousin - 21" tall, suitable for aged 7 and over (20 + FREE carriage)
Gregory Green Glove Puppet for hours of fun with your child (7.50 + FREE carriage)

Squirrels (Sammy or Samantha) (12.50 + FREE carriage)
Holly Horse is a Rainbow Horse detachable from wheel base so can be cuddled or pulled on hand-crafted wooden wheelie base (25 + FREE carriage)
mother goose toy
donkey toy
Mother Goose is a much loved Granny Goose from an Easter type story (25 + FREE carriage)
Doris and David Donkey loved by older children such loving characters from the story (7.50 each + FREE carriage)
Haggis toy
Golly toy
Hamish King of the Haggis with a boy and girl haggis
(from 4.50 +
FREE carriage)
Golly Gosh a beautifully made Golly (25 + FREE carriage)


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