Who is Gregory Green, the Green Goblin?

Gregory Green is a Green Goblin who hails from Toehead on the West Coast of Scotland. In his life he's had many adventures visiting all sorts of people and places.

Gregory Green the Green Goblin is Magic


Along the way, Gregory has made lots of interesting friends such as Freddie Fox (whom Gregory rescued!), Bernard & Bertie Badger (the badger twins), Hamish Haggis, Doris Donkey, Harry Horse (a big Clydesdale), Polly the Palamino and Griselda Goose and even Mother Goose.

As if that weren't enough, Gregory is also friends with many fairies such as Fairy Autumn, the Rainbow Fairy and all the little tooth fairies.

There are stories about his adventures in Greenloaning, Stornaway, Daisy Farm at Tifty, visiting Wee Henry who lives near the River Deveron and Dominic Dwarf's Nose Factory. Gregory has even been to France and his latest adventure takes place in Limoges in the Limousin region of France.

Make sure you find out why he has one RED ear!

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